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Justice for Carey Ball, Jr.

OBS supports the ongoing struggle of the Carey Ball family for justice. Ball was only 23 years old when he was assassinated by St. Louis cops in 2013–shots 25 times. The latest action was a recent rally in front of the Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office.


The Same Difference

A compelling documentary by director Nneka Onuorah about lesbians who discriminate against other lesbians based on gender roles. Onuorah takes an in-depth look at the internalized hetero-normative gender roles that have become all too familiar within the African American lesbian and bisexual community.

No OBS Endorsement of Prop 1 but…

our Coalition part says NO on Prop 1. Read more.

Included in the #Prop1 bond proposal is allocation of an unspecified amount of dollars to the construction and equipping of a new #SWAT headquarters. Rather than building a new headquarters, St. Louis needs to significantly and immediately reduce SWAT. It’s original intention was to only be used in hostage and active shooter situations.

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