Support The Organization for Black Struggle

Fire Roorda Immediately!

OBS joined justice-seeking groups to call for the firing of racist jeff roorda, spokesperson for the st. louis police officers association. This dude does his job well on behalf of the slpoa in spewing his racist venom across the region and upholding the racist actions of the local gestapo. Read our letter calling for his resignation here.

Flood the Public Safety Committee Hearing

Help keep Cure Violence grounded in the community!

Come to the Public Safety Committee Hearing on Tues., Sept. 24, 10 am, , @City Hall, 1200 Tucker Blvd.

Board Bill 105 (BB 105) calls for $8 million for Cure Violence. Let our elected officials know that you support Cure Violence and expect:

1) Full funding & a multi-year commitment
2) Implementation by the City Health Dept.
3) A Community Advisory Committee to maintain insight & oversight

56th Jeff Bank Protest

56th Jeff Bank Commemorative Protest
A record crowd came out recently to celebrate workers’ victories and to build solidarity. OBS thanks all those who came out and to the JB Planning Committee for their hard work (MO-JwJ, APRI, CBTU, CWA Local 6355, SEIU and ACTION Reunion 2019). The struggle continues for living wage jobs and benefits, the right to unionize and worker dignity.