26th Affirmation: From Pain to Power

Sistahs Talkin’ Back is back!  The 26th Affirmations program theme was “From Pain to Power: Ending all Forms of Violence Against Women.” We thank all of our female vendors, participants, and panelists.

Panelist Kristian Blackmon is currently working with an emerging organization called WEPower. Kristian introduced us to Invisible No More, an art based project speaking to the plight of Black Women including those who are missing or otherwise viewed as invisible by a racist, sexist society.

Panelist Tempestt Tuggle offered personal experience of pain to power. Tuggle commented, “I have experienced violence in a multitude of ways. What has hurt the most was there was never a space for me to openly talk about patriarchy and how it has changed my life.”

Raffle prize winners are JoAnn Williams (1st), Nicole Watson (2nd) and Jacob Walker (3rd).

Sistahs Talkin’ Back is a space for women to share, learn and grow. We want to seriously organize against patriarchal violence and the systems that constantly shatter our dreams and aspirations.

See photos from the 26th Affirmations program here at our Facebook page.

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