Election Center – Vote August 4, 2020


Elections 2020-Lives are literally at stake

The St. Louis region’s August 4 election is a reckoning between the forces of reaction and hate and those fighting for democracy and racial justice.  It’s between those who uphold patriarchy and those who support gender equality. It’s between those who are anti-Black (this includes  some Black people) and those who believe that all human beings must be respected and valued. This is a region that has been at war with itself for a very long time, much like the country itself.

OBS stands with the forces that are fighting for political power especially for those who have been marginalized and discounted. We are fighting for economic power, recognizing that the income gap is largely about race. We stand apologetically on the shoulders of the courageous warriors of all races, religion, gender and sexual orientation to build a bold and democratic society–free of all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Casting one’s vote is but one way to engage in this war; there will be many battlefronts. On August 4, conscious voters will chart the direction for the city and the county by their votes. That’s why this election is important. It is a reckoning that moves us forward to the November election as another step on the road to democracy or a triumphant moment for those with an agenda of greed, corruption and tyranny.

Vote on Tuesday, August 4 for our lives depends on it.!

OBS proudly supports the expansion of Medicaid. Click on the image to find out more on the need to expand Medicaid in Missouri.
OBS proudly supports the re-election of City Treasurer Tishaura Jones. Click on the candidate's image to go to her website.
OBS proudly supports the re-election of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Click on the candidate's image to go to her website.