From the interim ED, Jamala Rogers


OBS is in the process of rebuilding. We are re-tooling the organizational structures and work. We are re-defining relationships and practices. We have come through a tunnel of turmoil and uncertainty with resilience to face new ideological challenges being imposed on the nation by neo-fascist forces. Our commitment to Black Liberation remains as steadfast as ever. In the spirit of Sankofa, we have reached back to affirm our values and our legacy so that our organization stays true to its vision and mission. With your continued support, OBS is determined to organize our people for the struggles ahead.

OBS is poised for a fast and furious summer. Our big priority is hiring a permanent Executive Director. We’ll pulling out all the stops to find “The One” and we need your help in getting out the job announcement.  We will be actively gathering signatures to put the  minimum wage initiative on the November ballot. OBS needs your help here, too.

In 2017, OBS will be more serious, more strategic and more scientific as we build on the People’s Victories of 2016 (i.e. the election of Kim Gardner as St. Louis Circuit Attorney, the reduction of municipalities’ cap of their city revenue from traffic fines and court fee, the forced retirement of Police Chief Dotson, etc.). The challenges we face locally and nationally call for greater unity and more effective organizing. OBS will be there; we’ve been here for over 37 years. We hope you will be right there with us.

Our website has been re-designed so your feedback is appreciated. We’ll be tweaking it over the next few weeks. To receive our monthly e-newsletter, you can subscribe when you check out the Madison report (see below) by clicking on “Subscribe” in the upper left hand corner.

For those of you have expressed an interest in my fellowship at the U-Wisconsin, here’s a brief report that went out to the Madison community.



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