MO Legislative Update


Board Bill 234 establishes an Independent Force Investigative Unit within the Circuit Attorney’s office for criminal conduct within the SLPD will be re-introduced this legislative session.

Board Bill 66, the Surveillance Accountability Board Bill, will be re-introduced this legislative session.

Board Bill 180- aims to legalize personal possession of marijuana for two ounces or less and allow for homegrown measures will be re-introduced this legislative session.


House Bill 1255/Senate Bill 793 passed and will raise the age which raises the age for kids entering the adult criminal justice system from 17 to 18.

House Bill 1359 would’ve authorized the early parole of certain offenders over the age of seventy but died in the House.

House Bill 1433, HB 2216, HB 1695 would have abolished the death penalty but none passed again this year.

House Bill 1501-Prohibits law enforcement from seizing property in forfeiture litigation unless the seized property is $100,000 or more in value went nowhere.

House Bill 1579-Modifies provisions relating to good time credit for offenders committed to the department of corrections did not pass.

House Bill 1596 would make certain mandatory minimum sentences discretionary and creates provisions when a person is eligible for a parole hearing.

House Bill 1627/Senate Bill 803-Ban Shackling of Female Inmates, which bans the shackling of female inmates during their third trimester of pregnancy, went nowhere.

House Bill 2145-Directed at non-violence protests, would make a felony any obstruction of streets or interference of traffic, failed to pass.

House Bill 2172/Senate Bill 828-The Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act, which holds police departments accountable for engaging in racial profiling,

House Bill 1500 de-regulated the practice of hair-braiding.

SCR 49 requires public sector unions to get annual permission from workers to withhold dues from paychecks and to hold re-certification elections every three years.

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