Deep Canvassing Training in Columbia, MO

“What are you willing to do about these issues?” Rarely does anybody without an agenda come into our community and ask us questions about safety, housing, voting or even jobs. This is why OBS has committed to having deep canvassing conversations that lifts up people in the community and builds relationships  Organization for Black Struggle and Missouri Faith Voices partnered together to train leaders in Columbia, MO to have these deeper conversations at the front door of residents.

OBS organizer Tempestt Tuggle is seen here in the photo training leaders on issues that the community identified as needs. These leaders were trained to tell their own stories or someone they may know. These conversations require canvassers to be more personal and bringing the truest version of ourselves to folks in the community. Once trained, leaders were able to take that knowledge to the field and used what they learned to canvass in Columbia’s predominately black neighborhood with the low voter propensity.

While canvassing, leaders heard powerful stories. The powerful stories that we hear are things folks want to say but they have no one to share these issues. Imagine, if people in your very own neighborhood became involved in different issues and worked together to create change in the community that you wished to see. How does that feel? Are you able to get a good night’s rest? Are you interested in having a neighborhood canvass to see how your neighbors feel about their community and are willing to take a stand?

The Organization for Black Struggle will be hosting community deep canvasses this summer If you are interested in volunteering or finding out how you can host one yourself,contact us by email at






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