Support The Organization for Black Struggle

Our Vision, Mission, Theory of Change & Program

Our Vision

To contribute to the creation of a society free of all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Our Mission

To build a movement that fights for political empowerment, economic justice and the cultural dignity of the African-American community, especially the Black working class.

Our Theory of change

To educate and organize the Black working class to act and in their own self-interests and to build political and economic power in a unified, strategic way.

Our Program

Our program is based upon the Black Freedom Agenda that was introduced at the founding of the Black Radical Congress in 1998 and ratified in 1999 (Download the full Freedom Agenda )


(abbreviated version)

  1. We will fight for the human rights of Black people and all people.
  2. We will fight for political democracy.
  3. We will fight to advance beyond capitalism, which has demonstrated its structural incapacity to address basic human needs worldwide and, in particular, the needs of Black people.
  4. We will fight to end the super-exploitation of all workers.
  5. We will struggle to ensure that all people in society receive free, quality public education.
  6. We will struggle against state terrorism.
  7. We will struggle for a clean and healthy environment.
  8. We will fight to abolish police brutality, unwarranted incarceration and the death penalty.
  9. We will fight for gender equality, for women’s liberation, and for women’s rights to be recognized as human rights in all areas of personal, social, economic and political life.
  10. We will fight to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are recognized and respected as full and equal members of society, and of our communities.
  11. We support affirmative action.
  12. We will fight for reparations.
  13. We will struggle to build multiracial solidarity and alliances among all people of color.
  14. We will uphold the right of the African American people to self-determination.
  15. We support the liberation struggles of all oppressed people.