Our Areas of Work

Voter Engagement

-Educate and organize voters to build political power  and economic justice

-Engage residents in the Renew 22 Campaign to improve the quality of life in the 22nd Ward

Workers Rights

  -Fight for liveable wages

  -Uphold the  right for workers to unionize

  -Establish Black Workers’ Center

  Organize around Working While Black Campaign

Re-envisioning Public Safety

  -Divest in the growing police state

  -Demand police accountability and the end to exploitation by the courts

 -Reinvest in the needs and well-being of people

  -Fight to end the death penalty

  -Protect the rights of prisoners

Women’s Rights

  -Fight against all forms of patriarchy

  -Protect reproductive rights

  -Uphold  gender equality

  -Hold annual Affirmations! Program