Re-Investing in Public Safety in the 27th Ward

How would you want to see your tax money re-invested in St. Louis? OBS organizer Kendra Tatum was invited by Alderwoman Pamela Boyd to give a presentation on Reinvesting in Public Safety to 27th ward residents.

Residents were presented with the facts about how much the City of St. Louis is spending on its arrest and incarcerate model of policing. The residents then broke into groups for an activity on how they would spend $1 million. Very creative and constructive ideas came out of the brainstorming. Participants wanted recreation centers for youth, mental health services, drug abuse programs and affordable housing. The presentation was well received and ignited a fire with residents to be more engaged and active in their ward committees such as Housing, Public Safety, Sanitation, and Voter Engagement.

Reinvesting in Public Safety is a feature presentation of the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression. CAPCR members are available to make the presentation to your group or feel free to view the PowerPoint at

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