Up with Radical Hope…

This is going to be the OBS rallying call as we stay optimistic in the face of ugly anti-Black attitudes and actions with our Freedom Movement. These two concepts came separately from OBS members Sistah Jennifer and Baba Kalimu. It made sense to put them together for the political grounding we’ll need in 2018.

Radical hope is not blind faith, it is transcending one’s current ability to a higher understanding. It is more than something you have but something you practice. It demands flexibility, openness, and imaginative excellence. We cannot let the wicked policies of white supremacy or Black self-loathing cloud our clarity or dampen our spirit.

Ghetto volunteerism is destructive to the work and to unity. It is characterized by white privilege and internalized oppression that believes Blackness has little or no value, that Black Liberation, Black culture, Black thought or black organizations are not important. There is a schizophrenic streak in our movement where we think Blackness is hip and cool but politically unworthy if it means we must sacrifice something or be uncomfortable. The practice of ghetto volunteerism undermines strength and unity. We must show up, follow through and build out for one another and for our organizations.

As unprez trump, gov. greitens and mayor krewson try to move us into an authoritarian police state, the working class must get more organized and laser-focused. Those of us who understand the gravity of this fight must always present and project our necessity to overcome the oppressive system of capitalism by being serious, sophisticated, steadfast, scientific and strategic. There are victories to claim!

#upwithradicalhope #downwithghettovolunteerism


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