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We MUST Resist…and Organize!

OBS recently partnered with the Coalition Against Police Crimes & Repression for a film showing and discussion of the riveting documentary Do Not Resist. The film exposed the U.S. police state and all of its manifestations. The state’s message is that we cannot win so do not resist. We say, we must resist! The post-film discussion focused the participants supporting BB 66 that requires monitoring and regulations on surveillance technology used by the City of St. Louis, especially the police department.

Insights from Holly Roe on the film:

I was in a hurry to be on time to the showing of the Militarization of the police. I anxiously found a seat fifteen minutes after the movie was in progress. I begin viewing the screen to get a sense of where the movie was in the story line as if I could regain the fifteen or so minutes lost. My focus sets on a Charles Mansion look alike instructing police officers from all over the country at some annual FBI retreat on how they would have the best sex ever because of their rule on the streets. The ride along with them showed how they ruled. Terrorizing black families, destroying their property and taking anything of value.

The layers kept getting worse and I wanted to bolt and run to my car and go home as if that erased the images from my mind and the fear from my heart. I asked myself, what did you think you were coming to see? The jury is still out on that. What is happening today with standard police is horrific enough. Viewing this was painful. There is nothing like a visual image to clear the blurs that might be in one’s mind on a given subject to bring a point truly home.

My soul is divided. I saw! I wish I had not seen! It is real. NOOOOO! This is not real! It is! I want this gone! It’s here! My power is limited! I don’t know my power! Turn on the lights! The lights are on!

There are those that believe they can plant apples and expect oranges. One reaps what one sows. This is a Universal Law. There in lives my hope.

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